Being the one to say: Let's establish a new sisterhood, then to see it grow from five girls to the present status indeed gives me quite a thrill, yet l am humble and grateful that so many have been and still are willing to go the Zeta way.

Founder, Arizona Cleaver Stemons

Our Story

Created for every finer woman who wants to feel beautiful, confident, and present in their day-to-day activities, the 1920 Marketplace is your new favorite place for all things Zeta Phi Beta, and home to our exclusive apparel and accessories line, AriZona’s Closet.

Transform your style or coordinate with your sisters during special events and celebrations!

Whether you are in the market for dresses, blazers and pearls, shirts for golf tournaments, lapel pins, or you are looking for some Zeta-approved footwear, we have you covered! At the 1920 Marketplace, we embrace variety and versatility in interchangeable fashion that aims to meet the evolving style needs of our members.

From street trends and workday classics to timeless necessities, we recognize the desires of a Zeta woman’s wardrobe. We will always make a lasting impression, embodying the values and achievements that define Zeta Phi Beta - especially with AriZona’s Closet.

About AriZona’s Closet

AriZona’s Closet is the private label clothing line of Zeta Phi Beta’s 1920 Marketplace. The name AriZona’s Closet was created and chosen by the sisterhood of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, with the sole purpose of offering items that bring out the elegance, sophistication, class and finer beauty of Zeta’s members.

The pieces offered by AriZona’s Closet are timeless and are made with high-quality materials that are made to last. When AriZona’s Closet is worn, Sorors of Zeta should feel a sense of pride, while remembering what our Most Honorable Founder, Arizona Cleaver Stemons, as well as our other four Honorable Founders represented at a time when fashion was classic and timeless. AriZona’s Closet pieces are proudly created for Zetas, by Zetas (FZBZ).

No matter the occasion - conference, graduation or the perfect gift for your newest sisters - the 1920 Marketplace has something just for you!